Patent Innovations LLC, founded in 2005, is a well-established patent law practice providing patent preparation, prosecution, and reexamination services for technology companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors in the Mechanical, Optical, Chemical/Materials, and Biomedical arts. The founder of PILLC, John M. Hammond, is a licensed patent agent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a licensed Professional Engineer in New York State, and an inventor on 30 issued patents and numerous pending applications. He has written, filed, and prosecuted over 100 issued patents since admission to the patent bar in 2003. Patent Innovations continually develops innovative ways of using new software tools and methods to accelerate and improve the patent application process, and to provide quality patent services for clients.

"As a patent agent, as well as an inventor and engineer, I enjoy the challenge of working with other inventors, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, and the companies they build.  With the experience I’ve had in these roles, I’ve seen the patenting process from many perspectives.  This background makes me much more effective in communicating with my clients and providing innovative patent services to them."

John M Hammond PE, President
Patent Innovations LLC

USPTO Reg. No. 52,986 

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Read the Latest Limited Monopoly® Article - Inter Partes Review – Sovereign Immunity and the Oil States Storm in the Supreme Court

201801 SCOTUS stormIPR Under the AIA - The America Invents Act, which is considered the most significant reform of patent law in over 50 years, became effective in September of 2011.  One of the major changes implemented by the AIA is inter partes review (IPR).  Under the IPR provisions of the AIA statute, a third party can challenge the validity of any claim(s) in a patent after nine months has passed from the issue date of the patent.  To read more...

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Lake Country Fracwater Specialists LLC and Addleman Enterprises Inc. Receive Patent for Frac Water Remediation

Congratuations to Lake Country Fracwater Specialists LLC of Livonia NY and Addleman Enterprises Inc. of Somerset PA for their recently issued U.S. Patent No. 9,845,253 for "Method and Apparatus for Treating Natural Gas and Oil Well Drilling Waste Water." This technology utilizes ozone, coagulants, and flocculants to remove contaminants from flowback water generated during hydraulic fracturing, resulting in significant environmental benefits.9845253 sm

Electrical Improvement Products LLC Awarded Patent No. 9,859,696 for "Position Adjustable Receptacle and Fasteners Therefor."

Electrical Improvement Products LLC of Corning NY has recently been awarded their first patent, U.S. 9,859,696, for their position adjustable electrical receptacle and fastener.  EIP's new fastener eliminates the need for fixture/wallboard overlap which has been the standard method since the first receptacle was patented 100 years ago. The unique fastener can easily be used with all wall-embedded electrical fixture in both retrofit and new construction.  Congratulations to EIP and inventors Robert Jack and Gary Dimas!9859696 sm


Torrent Loading Systems, LLC Awarded Patent No. 9,829,261 for "Magazine Carrier."

Torrent Loading Systems, LLC of Lynchburg VA has recently been awarded their second patent, U.S. 9,829,261, for their "Magazine Carrier." This new product for law enforcement and military uses enables rapid changeover from a spent handgun magazine to a fully loaded one in high risk confrontations. Congratulations to TLS!

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Lake Country Fracwater Specialists LLC Receives Patent for Barium/Strontium Remediation in Frac Water

Congratuations to Frank Miller and Lake Country Fracwater Specialists LLC of Livonia NY for their recently issued U.S. Patent No. 9,815,716 for "Method for Treating Fracture Water for Removal of Contaminants at a Wellhead." This technology enables the capture of nearly all strontium and barium constituents from flowback water generated during hydraulic fracturing, resulting in significant environmental benefits.

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Microtronic Awarded Patent for Quality Control in Wafer Manufacturing

Microtronic Inc. of Edgartown MA has recently been awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,791,309, for "Apparatus, System, and Methods for Weighing and Positioning Wafers."  This patent, third in a series, protects methods of statistical quality control in the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers.  Congratulations to Microtronic!

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Liberty Pumps Bolsters Design Patent Portfolio

Liberty Pumps, Inc. of Bergen NY has recently received U.S. design patents for a variety of its products:  D800791 for "Liquid Pump,", D798910 for "Float Switch Housing," and D794579 for "Display Panel."  Congratulations to LP and all of the inventors!

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