Patent Innovations LLC, founded in 2005, is a well-established patent law practice providing patent preparation, prosecution, and reexamination services for technology companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors in the Mechanical, Optical, Chemical/Materials, and Biomedical arts. The founder of PILLC, John M. Hammond, is a licensed patent agent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a licensed Professional Engineer in New York State, and an inventor on 28 issued patents and numerous pending applications. Patent Innovations continually develops innovative ways of using new software tools and methods to accelerate and improve the patent application process, and to provide quality patent services for clients.

"As a patent agent, as well as an inventor and engineer, I enjoy the challenge of working with other inventors, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, and the companies they build.  With the experience I’ve had in these roles, I’ve seen the patenting process from many perspectives.  This background makes me much more effective in communicating with my clients and providing innovative patent services to them."

John M Hammond PE, President
Patent Innovations LLC

USPTO Reg. No. 52,986 

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201708 Internet of Things...From the IoT - Already the Next Big Thing

This past week we performed a cursory patent search relating to the "Internet of Things."  As often happens in an online foray, it was easy to get distracted by the unending lists of patents and published applications, and the breadth of inventions being patented.  So far, just over halfway through 2017, the USPTO lists 2,019 published and 510 issued patents that contain the keyword "IOT."  So once our online incursion was done, we browsed the search results to discover patents and apps on a whole host of inventions and products that we didn't know we needed.  We share some of our favorites, along with a few comments.  To read more...      Font Awesome File Text


PILLC's Youngest Client Awarded Patent for a Novel Internal Combustion Engine

Congratulations to Joseph Vengen, one of PILLC's youngest clients.  Joseph came to PILLC when he was a student at Rochester Institute of Technology after his father challenged him to develop an improved internal combustion engine as an engineering project in his junior year in high school.  Joseph was up for the challenge and was recently awarded US Patent No. 9,587,558 for his novel "Internal Combustion Engine."  Joseph is currently completing his undergraduate engineering degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Liberty Pumps Awarded Patent No. 9,719,515 for its Liquid Pump

Liberty Pumps, Inc. of Bergen NY has recently been awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,719,515 for a “Liquid Pump.” This patent covers Liberty’s new line of ProVore™ grinder pumps with their exclusive V-Slice® cutter technology. Check out their V-Slice® cutter video – if your toddler flushes your favorite pair of jeans, Liberty Pumps has it covered.

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Seth Biser, MD - Opthomologist Awarded Patent for Therapeutic Compress System

Seth A. Biser, M.D., Board-Certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon in Fleetwood, NY has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,629,746 for his “Therapeutic Compress System and Methods of Use.”

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