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Joseph Vengen Receives Second Patent for Energy Conversion Apparatus


Drexel Student Aidan Dwyer Receives Second Patent in Solar Energy Technology

Joseph Vengen, founder of Vengen Technologies LLC, has received a second patent, U.S. 10,145,298, for "Gas Flow and Engery Conversion Apparatus." Vengen's novel device can function as a gas compressor in one configuration. In a second configuration with an ignition source, his device operates as an internal combusion engine. Congratulations to Joseph!

Aidan Dwyer, engineering student at Drexel University, has received his second patent, U.S. 10,115,530 issued October 30, 2018 for "Solar Cell and Methods of Fabrication and Use Thereof." The patent covers a novel photovoltaic solar cell that includes volcanic ash in the energy-generating structure. Congratulations to Aidan and co-inventor Sean Dwyer Esq.!

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