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Lumetrics Inc. Granted Utility Patent for Innovative Method of Measurement of Multilayer Structures


Liberty Pumps Receives Utility Patent for Liquid Level Control Module in Storm Cell Product

Lumetrics, Inc. received U.S. Patent No. 10,190,177 for Method of Measurement of Multilayer Structures on January 29, 2019. This patent covers a range of innovative non-contact optical methods of measuring complex thin film structures, with broad applicability across a range of industries and materials. Congratulations to Lumetrics!

On Christmas Day, Liberty Pumps, Inc. received a utility patent, U.S. 10,162,369 for "Liquid Level Control Module And Apparatus Comprising Same." In addition to utility patent coverage of the module, U.S. Design Patent D798910 was also issued on October 3, 2017. Thus both the function and appearance of the Storm CellTM product are well covered by these patents. Congratulations to Liberty Pumps and inventors Tim McCrossen and Dave Williams!

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