Why Choose Patent Innovations LLC?

  • I get results.  Please browse through my Patent Portfolio to see examples of patents that I have obtained for clients across a broad range of technologies and products.

  • I help inventors work through not only what their invention is now, but what more it could become. Along the way, they often broaden the concepts of their invention – and the resulting patent application ends up covering more than they originally expected.

  • I limit my practice to technology areas where I have specialized expertise resulting from my education, and from having over twenty years of hands-on work experience as a Professional Engineer. When a client shows me a written description, 3D model, and/or prototype of an invention, I understand it quickly. As a PILLC client, you won’t be paying me to learn the basic engineering and scientific principles behind your invention. This is in marked contrast to billing practices at many intellectual property law firms.

  • I use duplicate docketing systems for tracking, filing and prosecuting all of my clients’ patent matters, as prescribed in the “Best Practices” guidelines of the National Association of Patent Practitioners. I also regularly track the progress of client matters online in the Patent Office through its secured “Private PAIR” website. Every action that I take in the USPTO on behalf of clients, and every document that is received from the USPTO are processed according to rigorous quality control checklists that I have written and developed inhouse.  My work processes prevent errors and improve communications with my clients.

  • If your company uses AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Pro-E®, or Autodesk Inventor®, I have the software to view and use any of those files. I can quickly understand your invention and extract images from them for use in preparing patent drawings. That saves you additional money in patent written description and drawing preparation costs.

  • I provide comprehensive patent services to my clients, from patent preparation through prosecution of U.S. National, PCT, and U.S. National Stage (35 U.S.C. 371) applications, as well as the preparation and filing of ex parte reexamination requests and post-grant proceedings in the USPTO.